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Straighten Your Hair Like a Real Pro

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flat-ironOk, you want to look as one of those amazing Chloe or Ralph Lauren models from their last time shows for Fall-Winter Season and your main idea is to have their brilliant hair. It is all about the perfect shininess and straightening, right? There is no place for you to worry or to wonder. We’ve got the right tips for you. Follow the next pieces of advice to straighten your hair like a real pro.

Choose the right flairon for you

It is an individual process. And only because your best friends`s hair is so perfectly straightened every time, it does not mean you can use her device and get the same effect. Choose the suitable for your hair brand, size and etc.

Use the right tools

Just flatiron at hand? No, it does not work like that. Grab a comb and use it for every single piece of hair you straighten. Divide hair into pieces with clips.

Apply some proper products specially for straightening

Use a good mask or conditioner to prepare hair for the process. On mandatory, protect hair with some spray. Also, finish the straightening with spray to make the effect longer.

Now what you want

Straight hair can be either with some attractive volume at the top of head, or super straight with no curls at all. In all cases, there are different techniques for each of these straightening types so follow those you really need without mixing it with each other.

Leave the hair rest before combing it as a finish

Because it is too hot yet and with combing you add some “curly or unshapely” form to ends to your hair.

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