Rusk Professional Str8 Titanium-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

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I am really interested in beauty and fashion. I like to read about new products for skin and hair, make up and so on and then to try them. I have to say It was my first time trying this brand of hair straightener. Firstly I went with the attitude to not expect anything. It is a new brand for me, I have read a lot of things about it, the price is like for a professional flat iron and actually I was so curious. But the results were amazing and I really like this Rusk Professional Str8 Titanium-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron.


Sol-Gel Plate Technology

When I have tried different hair straightener one of the problem I had is that my hair is tied in the plates of the flat iron and it is so unpleasantly. Here it’s perfect because we are having this Sol-Gel technology that helps the straightener to pass throughout the hair. In the same time it gives to your hair a smooth and shiny look.




Beneficial For All Hair Textures

Another very common problem is about the different hair textures. To say about a hair straightener if it’s good or not it is need to know your type of hair and how it reacts to the heat. African-American people often have a hard and very curly hair for example. It is important for this type of hair to find a flat iron which will not only straight the hair but also keep it straighten and soft. Rusk Professional Str8 Titanium-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron can deal with this problem. It is good for all of the hair textures and works professionally for every hair type. You can choose between a temperature range from 280 degrees for these of you who need less heat and 450 degree setting for the hard textured hair.


The design

Again we have one classy and modern design. The black color gives more professional look of the product, in addition you have a comfortable digital temperature display steady heat-up to 450 degrees. It is combined with three buttons respectively to regulate the temperature and turn on / off the flat iron.


Size selection

You can find this flat iron in two size and they are different depending the results you want. If you want to just straighten your hair you can choose the bigger one, but if you want to use it about curls or waves it’s better to buy the smaller model. Select between the 1 Inch RSK686 and the 1.25 inch RSK732 depending on what you looking for.

Rusk Str8 1.0 inch model/ 1 Inch RSK686

The price is good

I found this flat iron a little bit expensive but it worth the money. Actually with this hair straightener you would save money in the future. What I mean is this product works professionally and you can have the look they are doing in the salon at home. You can have very good results with this flat iron. And also the technology of the product is made to be friendly to the hair so your ends will give you thank for using this hair straightener.



The Rusk Professional Str8 Titanium-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron is a professional flat iron model which is with a comfortable design, well crafted ceramic plates with sol-gel covering that makes your hair softer and shiny. Also you can choose between two size depending of what you want to do with your flat iron and the price is accurate and adequate of the product quality.

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