Luxury tubes an innovative packaging

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You may have noticed that choosing the right packaging for your brand is critical to transporting, storing, and exposing it to the store. In addition to the safety feature, the package has the task of communicating with your buyers and potential users, so choosing the outer packaging for your brand is more than just a visual element. The right choice can bring you reduced costs, increased revenue and satisfied customers.

In the portfolio of Luxpac, you can find any type of luxury packaging to be a great addition to your product. Among our products is the innovative luxury tubes.


What are luxury tubes?


Luxury tubеs are a different type of chic pack, which is made of cardboard. We offer this effective and beautiful packaging from 2016, using special technology and know-how for its production. For this reason, we can offer our customers various packaging products of different sizes and colors. We also offer a wide range of types of paper and printing technology.


Luxury tubes types and pros


All products you can find on our website. Basically, the luxury tubs we offer are divided into three categories:

  • Paper tubes for bottles
  • Paper tubes with ribbon
  • Other paper tubes

Whatever their purpose, they all feature refined design, impressive accents, high stamina, excellent print quality. You can order even a small number of 1000 pieces. The thickness of the product starts at 0.5 mm without this in any way influencing its strength properties.

With us you will find a reliable partner in the design and creation of luxury tubes for your brand. Ordering a healthy, beautiful and luxurious packaging is a strategic solution that will help your business grow in the long run. Contact us for an individual offer now.




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