Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1″ ceramic hair straightener flat iron

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It was my first time I tried Karmin’s flat iron. I decided to try  Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1″ ceramic hair straightener flat iron and I can say it is beautiful and functional product. The design is gorgeous and working with the flat iron is very easy.

A Great Look

I have said before the quality of the beauty product is not based on appearance BUT .. here we have a flat iron with beautiful design and one  of the best things is you can choose between different colors. You can find Karmin G3 in purple, pink, blue, black or white. Of course they are all the same with their shiny black ceramic plates, but we can say the color gives the flat iron totally new look.

Tourmaline and Ceramic

We have told about the tourmaline and ceramic in almost every review. Today most of the top flat irons in the market have tourmaline covering ceramic plates. Karmin G3 has it too and the technology gives a smooth finish of the look. The task of tourmaline crystals is to save your hair from the heat and from seriously burning. It is so important for hair straighteners which can reach high temperatures.

No more frizz

Let’s talk about frizzy hair. Yes, everybody hates this effect, but with The Karmin G3 you don’t have this problem. Flat irons work best when the heat is applied and moisture is locked into the hair. The infrared heat fights with the ions that cause frizz. While the micro-porous technology keeps the dips and dents so small so that they don’t disrupt your very smooth surface.

Heat it up

With this hair straightener you can control almost any type of hairstyle and it’s all about the high temperature it can reach. At your service you have 410 degrees of warmth. I do not recommend using the highest temperature, but it is still a good idea to have it as an option and you could preserve the proper amount of heat when you need it.

Dual Voltage Settings

I have good news for the people who love to travel – you’ll be able to take this device anyplace within the world that uses high power. Thanks to its dual voltage setting you can use Kamrin G3 without problems in every country.

Support for years

Personally, I feel good when I have security. I have been in situations when my appliances broke down shortly after buying them, so I keep the products I use to have a few years of warranty. One more thing I like about Karmin G3 flat iron is the three-year warranty. This warranty period also gives me confidence in the product and the brand itself. And let’s be honest, there is nothing eternal.

The price

The price of this flat iron is high in my opinion, but we have to say it is a professional salon model. The temperature is high and the technology of tourmaline and ceramic plates is really good, your hair can be safe with this product. If you have a larger budget, you could invest in a beauty product like this one.


As a final I can say I’m impressed with the Karmin G3 Salon Professional 1″ ceramic hair straightener. I like the design, the temperature reached is high and stay high. In the same time it is suitable for every hair type and the plates are tourmaline covered. For your security you have 3 years of warranty if there is some problem. Karmin G3 deffinetly going to my top list.

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