10 ways to hide traces of fatigue with the help of makeup

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Lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, stress – all this inevitably manifests itself through the gray color of the face, with bags and dark circles under the eyes, which do not give us beauty and radiance. If you can not eliminate the cause of these phenomena, then it is worth trying to improve the condition of your skin with the help of simple cosmetic methods. Below you will find tips from ARLEN that will help you refresh your look.

Start in the morning with a contrasting face wash. Alternate hot and cold water. Well refreshes rubbing with ice cubes. Run them along the massage lines of the skin of the face and neck. Use a facial cleansing gel with cleansing particles (scrub). This improves blood circulation and makes the complexion fresher and healthier.

After washing, apply a tonic and eye cream on the skin. It is desirable to cool them in the refrigerator. They will help you hide circles and puffiness. Moisturizing drops can be applied to clear the whites of the eyes and remove red capillaries.

Proper makeup is a guarantee of success. Use a leveling base under makeup that improves the texture of the skin and helps ensure the durability of makeup.

Well-shaped eyebrows significantly improve the appearance. You can use pencils and shadows for them. Makeup artists recommend exactly the shadows, because with them the color is as soft and natural as possible.

To hide eye imperfections, use concealer. Put it in a thin layer under the lower eyelid. Apply the product on the inner corners, so the eyes will look more expressive.

If your face looks very tired, forget about bright makeup and current smoky eyes. Use bright, slightly shimmering shadows. Draw the eyes along the line of eyelash growth with a brown or gray pencil. Black can look too aggressive and focus on flaws.

As for the mascara, choose the one with which the look of the lashes will be natural. Finally brush the lashes to remove masks and thickening from mascara. You can use black or brown mascara. If the eyes are very red, use blue – it visually neutralizes redness.

You can’t do without a foundation (foundation). Do not use creams with too thick a texture, as they only burden tired skin and further worsen its appearance. Find and choose a lighter toner with medium to low coverage, which contains light-reflecting particles. They allow you to get an even complexion without the effect of a mask.

Freshness of the image will give a blush. Choose light, pink shades. Apply blush with a good professional brush, which will not look like a matryoshka doll with round red spots on the cheeks. If you do not know exactly where to put blush, smile and apply to the protruding areas of the cheeks as a soft, smooth spread.




For the lips, use not lipstick, but gloss, lip gloss – they look lighter and do not contrast sharply with the type and condition of the skin. It is good to choose gentle peach or pink shades.
Finally, apply a few drops of citrus perfume or body lotion on the body. They will bring vitality and refresh you. Throughout the day they will help you maintain a good mood and elation.