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Тop 5 Common Flatiron Mistakes You Need To Stop Doing Today

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flatiron-onlineYou might be one of those unhappy girls, who keep looking at the fashion magazine covers dreaming for the perfectly straight hair their icons in Hollywood posses and pose with! But here is what we need to tell you – it’s not about a gift from nature, or God’s blessing. In most cases, it is about the right way to use your flatiron and to achieve the perfectly straight hair. Moreover – having a great flatiron model of the latest generation is by all means not all. Even though you have it, you still keep looking at those curly parts at the ends? Then, you might be doing the following top 5 common flatiron mistakes:

Skipping the preparation routine
Those conditions and shampoos you see with an attractive label “For straight hair”, indeed, are not able to transform your hair from curly to straight. However, they are the perfect pre- start routine you need to begin the flatiron task.

Not going under the shower in advance
Not washing your hair at all before straightening is another stupid thing you need to stop doing.

Adjusting the flatiron to the wrong temperature / mood
Just because you are provided with 300 Degree, does not mean you need to use it on your hair, especially if it is extra thin. This extra powerful mood is for very curly hair. What you do is only damaging your hair and making it impossible to straighten in few years at all.

Forgetting about the protector tool
It is a product actually and to tell you the truth, it should not be recommended, but on mandatory. Apply the spray, mousse or whatever you have bought from the hair counter in the store and avoid sizzling easily.

Not taking care of the flatiron
If you use products that are very greasy before the straightening procedure, the flairon will damage eventually. You need to wipe it out after each time you use it to keep it efficient.

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